What is an average golf score? How do you compare?

Ok, time for another REALITY CHECK!

Why are there so many aggravated people on the golf course? Why is everyone so unsatisfied with their scores? Maybe it’s a case of unrealistic expectations.

If you’re out on the course frustrated because you’re not playing “Par” golf, maybe you’ve been watching too much golf on television. Let’s take a look at real numbers, instead of trying to compare ourselves with guys that hit thousands of balls a week for a dozen years.

What is the average golfer’s score?

According to the National Golf Foundation, research shows that only 22 percent of all golfers regularly score better than 90 for 18 holes on a regulation length course. Here’s the breakdown: Females – 7 percent score below 90

Men scoring below 90 per round – 25 percent.

Starting to feel better yet? No, then let’s look at another statistic.

The average score for 18-holes on a full-size course is 97 for men and 114 for women. It’s an even 100 for all golfers.

Only 6 percent of the men and 1 percent of the women say they break 80 regularly.

Oh, and by the way, even with the advent of all the new technology, average scores have not changed significantly over the years. Hard to believe, but it’s true.

I hope this has put things in a little clearer perspective for you. Maybe you can get a little more enjoyment from the game, knowing that you aren’t really as bad as you thought.

Enjoy your next round.

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